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Translink hope to cut 60 jobs

Public transport operator Translink has launched a voluntary exit scheme aimed at cutting up to 60 administrative and management jobs.

Projected savings of £3.1 million a year are a third higher than originally envisaged.

The Executive has reduced the company's funding by a fifth for the coming financial year.

Gordon Milligan, chief human resources officer, said: "This is the first area where we have sought to make savings and is in line with our priority to do all we can to protect front line public services.

"These are greater savings than the forecast of £2.1 million I announced on the 24th February, and reflect our ongoing determination to seek out the maximum efficiencies that we can in the management and supervisory areas.

"I am confident this voluntary exit scheme will achieve the management overhead and administration cost target we have set ourselves to address the significant Government funding cuts in the year ahead of £13 million, equivalent to 20% of our funding."

The firm is briefing staff internally and holding discussions with trade unions.

Translink has received around £65 million public funding for its services.

Earlier this month, train and bus services ground to a halt in a mass strike against spending cuts.

Transport services across Northern Ireland were cancelled. Translink was unable to run any buses or trains and the police gave motorists permission to use many bus lanes in an attempt to avoid traffic logjams.


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