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Trendy Rev Alan Kilpatrick unchanged from past approach

By Sara Neill

A minister at the centre of a church row has a record of being unconventional in his approach in the past.

A former parishioner said Rev Alan Kilpatrick also followed his own path at St Luke's in Brighton.

Layreader Rodney Shotter said he supported the unconventional minister. He said: "I think it's more inspiring and more uplifting to have modern worship.

"I couldn't say Alan was perfect, he had his own style, but he likes to please God rather than people."

The minister's appearance is also a sticking point for some of his current parishioners as he wears four studs in his ears and rarely dons clerical robes.

Mr Shotter said: "Alan's earrings were never a problem. I think we are more open to that kind of thing," he added.

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