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Trevor Clarke blasts disabled charity's funding cuts

By Noel McAdam

The elderly and the disabled - among them the most vulnerable and isolated people in Northern Ireland - are being left to suffer from severe Stormont spending cuts, the Assembly has heard.

MLAs backed a motion from the committee for regional development condemning cuts to Disability Action and the rural community transport network - and urging the money be "reinstated".

Committee chair Trevor Clarke said: "Like most in the House, I entered politics out of a desire to bring good to my community, to help my community and to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

"I never expected that, one day, I would witness the most savage, the most callous and the most unjustifiable attack on the most vulnerable, the most isolated and the most exposed in our society. Unfortunately, I am witnessing an attack on the most vulnerable and isolated members of our community as a result of the unjustifiable and draconian cuts to Disability Action and rural community transport budgets."

Opening the debate yesterday, the DUP MLA said the cuts by Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy would reduce operating budgets by up to one third and mean higher costs for passengers, a reduction in services and increased isolation.

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