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Trio jailed for two muggings within five minutes

Three teenage muggers who robbed two women in five minutes have been handed a total of 74 months behind bars.

Michael Cannon, from New Barnsley Gardens in Belfast, and Stephen Christopher Byrne, from New Barnsley Crescent, were jailed for 24 months, while Thomas Flannery, of no fixed address, received 26 months.

Belfast Crown Court Judge Gemma Loughran told the 19-year-olds that street muggings were among the offences which concerned the public most.

“For that reason,” said the judge, “the courts must send out a message by imposing heavy sentences that street muggings are simply not acceptable and they are particularly vile if the victims are women.”

Earlier she had heard the trio first mugged one woman of her handbag at around 10.30pm on Franklin Street in Belfast city centre on February 17 this year.

Prosecution lawyer Kate McKay said a man with her ran after them but was punched to the side of the head by Flannery.

Just five minutes later the three mugged another woman of her bag as she left work on Linenhall Street. Mrs McKay said one of them threatened her, saying: “Give me your bag or I'm going to punch your face in.”

The trio each pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery and Flannery also pleaded guilty to a count of assault.

Lawyers for each of the teenagers said they were “genuinely remorseful”.

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