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Troll adds to grief of stab victim Jayne Toal Reat's daughter with horrific images

Charlotte Reat and her mother Jayne
Charlotte Reat and her mother Jayne
The pair just hours before Jayne was killed on Christmas morning
Nathan Ward

By Staff Reporter

A vicious internet troll has targeted the daughter of Christmas Day murder victim Jayne Toal Reat, posting sick knife-related animations on the grieving woman's Facebook page.

Using the name Trini Anja and claiming to be from Las Vegas, Nevada, the callous troll has been uploading horrific pictures and making foul, hurtful comments on Charlotte Reat's social media page - as the 21-year-old mourns the death of her mum.

Charlotte has not responded to the sick troll, who has posted dozens of twisted animations and comments in reply to messages of sympathy sent to grieving Charlotte - but her friends have called on 'Trini Anja' to delete the sick posts.

The attack comes as Charlotte shared a heartbreaking last picture of herself with her mum.

Charlotte was also injured in the Christmas Day incident which left mum Jayne (43) dead from stab wounds.

Yesterday she posted a festive picture, with elements added by the app Snapchat, taken on Christmas Eve, just hours before her mother was murdered.

Writing on her Facebook page, Charlotte said: "This is the last picture I took with my beautiful mummy on Christmas Eve before we cuddled up on the sofa for the last time.

"Just before she gave me her last kiss, her last hug, and before she told me she loved me for the very last time.

"My mummy has been taken from me, her life was taken from her far too soon in the most cruel way."

Charlotte, a dancer, said she had worried that the photo had been lost forever, as she had shared it via Snapchat - which automatically deletes images after a short time.

"I have been in a panic that I'll never have this photo as it was on snapchat and I haven't got my phone - but thankfully one of my best friends screenshotted it for me on Christmas morning," she said.

"Love my angel with all my heart and soul.

"My life is changed forever but I can feel you giving me the strength to get you the justice and face the creature who murdered you."

The partner of murdered Jayne, body builder Joseph Tweedie (50), also paid a heartfelt online tribute to Jayne on Saturday

He changed his Facebook profile picture to a picture of Charlotte and Jayne adding: "Love these pair so much miss you Jayne xxx."

Mr Tweedie's son Nathan Ward (19) has been charged with the murder of nurse Ms Reat (43) at her home in Mornington Lane, Lisburn on Christmas Day.

He is also charged with the attempted murder of Charlotte Reat and Mr Tweedie.

The teenager appeared at Craigavon Magistrates' Court on Friday morning and remains in custody. He is scheduled to appear at Lisburn Magistrates' Court on January 8.

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