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Trolley-dumping leaves Newry river a shaming eyesore

By Chris McCullough

Shoppers in Newry must be all right for a few quid as they don't seem to worry about the £1 in more than 100 shopping trolleys that have been found dumped in the city's Clanrye River.

As the water level is currently quite low, the trolleys are very visible, stuck in the mud along a 500-metre stretch near the Buttercrane Shopping Centre.

In a bid to find out who the trolleys belong to, local supermarkets said they would investigate.

It is believed the trolleys cost around £100 a piece, so there could be potentially thousands of pounds worth littering the waterway.

The Belfast Telegraph spoke to local stores to see if they were missing any. A spokesperson from Sainsbury's in Newry said: "We operate a £1 charge for our trolleys and just recently did a trolley count.

"We can confirm that none of our trolleys are missing."

The Marks & Spencer store was unaware of the situation, but promised it would send someone to check it out.

All of the stores contacted by this newspaper confirmed they had a £1 charge in place for the use of their trolleys.

Newry and Mourne Sinn Fein councillor Roisin Mulgrew said: "This seems to be an ongoing issue in Newry. It's very regrettable that people decide to simply dump trolleys in the river. It's not a pretty sight for visitors coming into Newry.

"I would be concerned about the environmental problems associated with so many trolleys in the river."

Newry and Mourne Council said: "The shopping trolleys are the property of the retailers, and they have attempted to collect those trolleys that have been discarded by shoppers in city car parks.

"In the past shopping trolleys have had to be removed from the Clanrye River.

"The council will once again assess the number of trolleys currently in the river and engage with local retailers in an attempt to have them removed."

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