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Troubles victim fury at payout deadline

A man injured during the Troubles claims that he has missed out on receiving essential financial aid from the Victims and Survivors Service because he claims the funding application's closing date was not well publicised.

Thomas Boswell, a member of the Help NI group run by Raymond McCord, had been receiving financial aid for two-and-a-half years before it was stopped in August this year.

The closing date to re-apply for financial aid was on June 30, a date which Mr Boswell says was not well publicised which meant that he missed the application deadline.

He is calling for the CEO of the Victims and Survivors Service, Anne Dorbie, to resign.

"She previously said that there was no shortfall in funding but when people applied she had put a closing date on applications of 30th June," he said.

"She sent out to groups, not individual victims, an email on the 20th June to tell them about the closing date.

"It wasn't sent to victims and it was sent just 10 days before the application deadline."

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