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True feet of courage by karate club hero


A Co Down man has completed a gruelling charity run in his bare feet to raise money for his karate club to travel to Portugal.

Killyleagh man Darren Brown is still picking out tiny stones that have embedded in the soles of his feet after running five miles.

Brave Darren completed the run to raise funds for Ophir Karate Club, which travels to Lisbon next month to represent Ireland in the European Championships.

Darren said that despite being in pain every second of the 48 minutes it took him to complete the challenge it was worth it for the £380 he raised to help subsidise the costs of tracksuits and travel ahead of the championships.

"If you want people to give you money you have to do something different, and I suppose outrageous," he said.

Darren was met by an ambulance at the finish line and paramedics had to clean the cuts and remove dozens of tiny stones from his feet.

Darren is still fundraising and anyone can donate money or raffle prizes by emailing him on

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