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TUV fights seven Westminster seats


Leader Jim Allister says the TUV is attracting a new generation

Leader Jim Allister says the TUV is attracting a new generation

Leader Jim Allister says the TUV is attracting a new generation

The TUV will contest seven Westminster seats at the general election, leader Jim Allister has announced.

Mr Allister, who is not standing, said: "With an average age of just 34, these candidates show that TUV is a party which is attracting a new generation of politicians who have rejected the old parties of failure."

The TUV candidates are councillor Timothy Gaston in North Antrim; councillor Ruth Wilson in East Antrim; party vice-chair Richard Cairns in South Antrim; councillor Stephen Cooper in Strangford; William Cudworth in North Down; Gareth Ferguson in Mid Ulster; and party press officer Samuel Morrison in Lagan Valley.

The North Antrim MLA said there was a stark difference between the vision offered by his party and the policies of the DUP and UUP.

Mr Allister, who came second to the DUP's Ian Paisley Jnr when he contested the North Antrim seat in the 2010 general election, said his party "stood alone" in opposing Sinn Fein.

"At a time when many are asking what the difference is between the DUP and UUP, no one is in any doubt as to the distinctive and principled stand of TUV," he said.

"We alone stand in uncompromising opposition to Sinn Fein and their destructive anti-British agenda.

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"Those who are fed-up with the constant pandering to republicans, the assault on our public services while bloated bureaucracy, useless North-South bodies and Stormont's army of publicly-funded spin doctors remains immune from austerity, will find a home with TUV.

"TUV stands in this election as the real alternative, offering the electorate the chance to vote for a Unionist party which demands genuine democratic reform of Stormont at a time when devolution across the UK will be a major topic due to the fallout from the Scottish independence referendum.

"We offer people the opportunity to vote for a Unionist party which believes the UK needs to be liberated from the shackles of Brussels and therefore demands an early referendum on EU membership."

He said it was "unfortunate" the party was not running across Northern Ireland.

"TUV is contesting safe Unionist seats where the issue of a split in the Unionist vote does not endanger the seat," he said.

Mr Allister said the party would stand across the region in next year's Assembly election.

"That will be a key election for TUV," he added.

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