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TUV man David Arthurs quits with attack on leadership

By David Young

A TUV councillor has quit the party out of dislike at being a "cheerleader for a one-man show".

David Arthurs, who was elected to Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council this year, told the Belfast Telegraph that he had become "disillusioned" with the leadership.

"It's very much a one-man show," he said. "Thirteen councillors were elected, but how the party is run has not changed.

Mr Arthurs, describing himself as an independent unionist, added he would not be leaving his job.

"Most of my vote was a personal vote - you can tell by the poor performance of the TUV in the area until I stood," he added.

He admitted the selection of Richard Cairns to fight the next Westminster election had played a part in his decision but insisted it was not the deciding factor.

"I feel I have much more to offer than just being a cheerleader for a one-man show," he added.

In statement, a TUV spokesman said the councillor's resignation came as a surprise.

"TUV was surprised to hear of the resignation, given that he had never expressed any dissatisfaction with the stand of the party. In fact, he sought to secure the South Antrim Assembly nomination for the party a few days ago.

"At the selection meeting, David stressed his commitment to TUV and last week he told his local paper, 'No other party has suggested the radical kinds of changes needed to make Stormont work'.

"One wonders if his decision to leave the party has anything to do with the fact that he failed to secure the party's Assembly nomination.

"He has been investigated by the party following complaints from Ballyclare residents on two separate occasions. David was warned about his conduct and given support.

"TUV has at all times tried to support Councillor Arthurs, but we are sorry he feels he can no longer stay within the party. Our aims and principles are clear. We wish him well."

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