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TV stars Wallace and Gromit say cheese at Titanic Belfast


Wallace and Gromit outside the Titanic Belfast as part of the Great Adventure

Wallace and Gromit outside the Titanic Belfast as part of the Great Adventure


Wallace and Gromit outside the Titanic Belfast as part of the Great Adventure

Wallace and Gromit have recreated the famous scene from the blockbuster movie Titanic outside Belfast's landmark tourist attraction, as part of a campaign encouraging people to holiday in the UK.

The hapless cartoon inventor and his dog Gromit were chosen to promote the new Great Adventure programme.

The £4m campaign, Holidays At Home Are Great, is aimed at inspiring us to holiday in the UK. The cheese-loving duo, who have starred in beloved films such as A Grand Day Out and The Wrong Trousers, are the stars of a new campaign showing them at top UK tourist venues, including Stonehenge, Titanic Belfast and Loch Ness, after a failed attempt to go abroad by firing themselves from a cannon.

It will run from May 12 on TV, in cinemas and on the internet.

A spokesman for the major visitor attraction said: "Titanic Belfast is delighted to be featured as one of the main attractions in Visit Britain's Holidays At Home Are Great campaign.

"The image in the advertisement shows off an iconic building that tells an iconic story, highlighted by two iconic characters. It shows the widespread appeal of Titanic Belfast and the story told in our Titanic exhibition, which is the largest in the world at the birthplace of the great liner."

Because of their endearing, if quirky, personalities and widespread popularity, the characters have been described as positive international icons of both modern British culture in particular and the British people in general. Commentators have described the animated characters as "some of the best-known and best-loved stars to come out of the UK", while others said they have done "more to improve the image of the English world-wide than any officially appointed ambassadors".

Nick Park, the creator of Wallace and Gromit, said: "Leisure time has always been very important to Wallace and Gromit, so it's great to see them making this holiday choice. A nice cup of tea and some tasty local cheese is always a favourite so they won't be disappointed with their holiday in the UK."

James Berresford, Visit England's chief executive, said: "We hope this ad, which I think breaks the mould of cliche tourism ads, will capture the imagination of Britons to inspire them to visit their local travel agent and book a break at home this year."

No one from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board was available for comment.

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