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Twaddell attack: three are arrested


Three people have been arrested over an attack on a loyalist protest camp in north Belfast.

Yesterday morning a number of flags and banners at the protest camp at Twaddell Avenue were torn down.

Two men aged 21 and 22 and a 20-year-old woman are being questioned by police about the incident.

Protesters' spokesman Gerald Solinas said the attack took place at around 7.20am yesterday when three people starting tearing down flags and banners.

He said they shouted sectarian abuse at two young men who were in the camp at the time.

Mr Solinas said around £1,000 of damage was caused during the attack.

"The two young fellas inside the camp at the time were terrified and stayed behind the gate," he said.

"The three tried to get in the gates to the camp, but someone must have disturbed them and they ran away into Ardoyne.

"Amazingly, the three people then came back to the camp at around 9.30am and started shouting abuse again."

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