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Twaddell protest: Parade resolution in full

This the full text of the agreement reached between the three Ligoniel Orange Lodges and Ardoyne residents.

1. The Ligoniel Orange Lodges will apply to complete their outstanding 2013 return parade for the morning of October 1, 2016. This parade will begin at 8.30am.

The procession will be restricted to the three local lodges and their two bands and will proceed from the Woodvale Road to the dispersal point via the Crumlin Road without any undue stoppages.

Only hymn music will be played, on the part of the route from the junction of Woodvale Road and Twaddell Avenue, up to the junction of Crumlin Road and Hesketh Road.

On this section of the road, as noted above; all flags will be furled, except for the Union flag, Ulster flag and Orange standards, banners and bannerettes. On this basis, no objections to this parade will be lodged by Crumlin Ardoyne Residents Association (CARA) and they will not file for a protest.

2. Following the completion of this parade and in a spirit of reconciliation the Ligoniel Orange Lodges undertake to instigate a voluntary moratorium on applying for a return parade.

This moratorium would allow for a process between the Lodges and CARA to seek agreement on future return parades and if agreement is achieved the moratorium would be lifted.

3. CARA, also in a spirit of reconciliation, undertakes to raise no objections to the filing of existing morning parades, on the basis that they adhere to the same conditions placed on these morning parades as in last year’s determinations, in terms of hymn music, flags, banners, bannerettes and supporters etc.

The Ligoniel Lodges also agree to use their best endeavours to ensure that no other Loyal Order, band, or other organisations would file for a return procession whilst the moratorium is in place.

4. Following the completion of the procession on 1st October 2016, the protest camp at Twaddell Avenue will be dismantled and all protests will end.

5. A local community forum will be convened including representatives of CARA and the Loyal Orders. All sides agree to participate in a spirit of co-operation.

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