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Twelfth 2015: Clean-up operation in north Belfast after disorder

By Claire Williamson

A clean-up operation is underway in north Belfast following disorder where at least 24 police officers and a teenage girl were injured during violence on the return leg of the Twelfth of July parade.

A number of baton rounds were fired and water cannon was used to try and control the crowds. Earlier officers rescued a teenage girl who got trapped underneath a car outside the Ardoyne shops.

The Parades Commission determined that the Orangemen were allowed to walk past the Ardoyne shops on the outgoing route of the Twelfth of July parade but will not be allowed to return along the same way.

On Monday morning the outward parade whose route went past the contentious flashpoint at Ardoyne in north Belfast, passed off without incident.

However when the parade was once again stopped at the interface scenes turned ugly as loyalists pulled down barricades and bottles and bricks were thrown at police lines.

Police remained on Monday night in the Ardoyne, Woodvale and Twaddell areas in significant numbers where they described the situation as "tense".

This is the third year in a row that the Parades Commission have refused the Orange Order permission for the return route.

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