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Twelfth flags for Bangor's Abbey Street

The announcement that Abbey Street will be decorated with "cultural banners" for the twelfth of July parades for the first time this year has been met with consternation by a local councillor.

Dr John Barry from the Green Party said in light of the flag protests and attacks on the Alliance Party office on Abbey Street, it would be "magnanimous" of the Loyal Orders not to decorate the area near the office.

"I'd be concerned about the provocation that could be read into banners being put up when they weren't there before," he added.

DUP MLA Alex Easton said he is "delighted" that Abbey Street will be decorated and that the extension of the decorations stemmed from a motion of notice which was successfully passed at council last year.

"They weren't able to get Abbey Street done in time so now that's being done," he said.

He rubbished the suggestion that the banners could be viewed as provocative: "There's nothing provocative about it at all, they're pictures of Orange Order banners and band banners, it's nothing to do with the protests," he said.

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