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Twelfth rioter handed three-month jail term for attacking screen separating rival factions

By Alan Erwin

A man who attacked a screen separating rival factions during Twelfth of July disorder in east Belfast has been jailed for a total of three months.

Ian Ogle was captured on police footage taking part in the trouble for up to an hour.

The 40-year-old, of Medway Street in the city, pleaded guilty to a charge of riotous behaviour.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard how street disturbances last July were linked to a prohibition on an Orange Order march through the Ardoyne area of north Belfast.

As another parade passed along the Newtownards Road in the east of the city, missiles were thrown into the nationalist Short Strand district, a prosecution lawyer said.

According to the prosecution Ogle was part of a group of men seen attacking a screen erected to keep the two sides apart.

He was also said to have been aggressive and shouted at police officers at the scene.

Defence counsel Richard McConkey said Ogle took issue with the alleged sequence of events.

"Bottles of urine and paint bombs were thrown at people on his side. That's why he's annoyed," Mr McConkey told the court.

Passing sentence, Deputy District Judge Peter Prenter acknowledged the early guilty plea.

But he confirmed: "There's no doubt of his involvement in a riot.

"I will give him a three month term of imprisonment."

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