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Twin girls for ex-Miss NI Judith Grey whose relative died in Poppy Day bomb

By Allan Preston

The arrival of twin baby girls for a former Miss Northern Ireland has "brought joy" to a family touched by violence.

Judith Grey and her husband, Gareth, welcomed their daughters, Julie and Jessica, into the world on November 7.

It was almost 29 years to the day her late grandfather, Gordon Wilson, forgave the IRA for killing daughter Marie (20) in the Remembrance Day bombing in Enniskillen.

A BBC interview with Mr Wilson shortly afterwards, in which he offered his forgiveness to those responsible, moved many.

Judith said the arrival of the twin girls has been a source of great happiness to her grandmother, Joan Wilson, on what is always a difficult week.

The girls' older brother, Wilson, now five, was born on November 9. "When Wilson was born, Granny Wilson said it brought joy to what is a hard weekend, and now these two come along," said Judith.

"It's strange that they're all around that weekend, but it's nice. Granny Wilson came up on Sunday and visited them and she really enjoyed it.

"They're three weeks old now and doing really well, feeding every few hours, and I've had lots of help from family.

"At night Gareth takes one on his side of the bed and I take the other. It's kind of a rotation, but - touch wood - they're getting on well."

Messages of congratulations to the happy family have been sent in from around the world, many from previous contestants in the Miss World competition.

"Miss Norway was congratulating me and Miss New Zealand, we still keep in touch through Facebook," said Judith. "Wilson wants to hold them all day. He loves coming in from school and seeing them and looking after them. It's good but busy.

"Having two makes one baby look easy. It's been a pretty quiet house before! But they're generally feeding at the same time and they're still quite sleepy."

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