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Two days of violence leave residents’ windows broken

Innocent people in two areas of north Belfast have suffered damage to their property in seperate incidents of youth violence last weekend.

Oldpark DUP Councillor Lee Reynolds has condemned the damage caused to a local community worker's house in the Hesketh area early on Sunday morning. Two windows were smashed during a sectarian confrontation between rival groups of youths at the interface.

Councillor Reynolds said: “The victim has worked tirelessly for the upper Ardoyne community and her efforts stand in stark contrast to the anti-social elements who did this.

“This is the latest in a number of incidents were youths are travelling from elsewhere to engage in fighting and other anti-social behaviour. While the perpetrators skulk off home it is the people of Hesketh who are left with the consequences and fear of further attacks.

“The local residents have suffered enough and want this sectarian and anti-social behaviour to cease at once. The DUP will be raising this recent upsurge at a meeting with the local Police Commander on Monday and will be calling for additional patrols to bring these incidents to an end. We also call upon young people to avoid gathering at interface areas which can increase tensions and the likelihood of trouble.”

Meanwhile, North Belfast DUP MLA William Humphrey has condemned those responsible for damaging cars in the Ballysillan area on Saturday, January 7. Windows were smashed of around five cars in Benview Park and Ballysillan Road at around 6am, reportedly by a group of youths wielding a |hammer.

Mr Humphrey said:”This appears to be a case of random wanton vandalism by a group of youths wielding a hammer, which has brought misery, expense and inconvenience for resident car owners for no purpose.

“This is highly irregular in this area and I would appeal to anyone who knows who was responsible for this senseless destruction to pass that information on to the police. This sort of vandalism and disrespect for other people’s property is totally unacceptable and must not be tolerated.”

A PSNI spokesman said: “Shortly after 4:25am on January 8, it was reported that two windows of a house were damaged in the area, enquiries are continuing.

“At around 6:35am on Saturday, January 7, it was reported that two vehicles were damaged in the area. At around 10:55am, it was reported that another vehicle received damage to the passenger side of the vehicle in the same area. Police are also investigating a report of criminal damage to a vehicle in the Ballysillan Road area shortly before 10:15am on Saturday, January 7. It is believed that a car window was damaged during the incident.”

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