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Two freed in Collins murder probe

Two men arrested in connection with the murder of a former IRA supergrass have been released.

Eamon Collins, 45, was beaten and stabbed to death in January 1999 in Newry, Co Down.

The 42 and 55-year-old suspects were arrested at separate addresses in the Newry area yesterday but tonight the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) confirmed both men had been released unconditionally.

Mr Collins, a former IRA member who developed what was described as his own brand of "naming and shaming" of alleged republican activists, had been living in a staunchly republican area at the time of his death despite his criticism of the IRA.

He was attacked while out walking his dogs in the Dorans Hill area of Newry, a country road a short distance from his home.

During his time in the IRA Mr Collins collected information on police officers and Royal Ulster Constabulary special branch members and set up assassinations over a six-year period.

He was arrested in 1985 and charged with 50 terrorist offences including five murders and membership of the IRA.

But he turned supergrass after his arrest, and said he was prepared to give evidence against former colleagues.

Many suspects were arrested but most were released after Mr Collins changed his mind.

A judge dismissed his alleged confessions and he was freed.

He later wrote a book, Killing Rage, which was highly critical of the IRA.

In January of this year, police said they had DNA obtained from the murder scene.


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