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Two in a stable condition following village smash

By Laura Abernethy

Two people who were injured in a serious collision in Greyabbey yesterday morning are in a stable condition in hospital.

The two-vehicle crash happened on the Ballywalter Road outside the Co Down village.

Emergency services rescued two people trapped in their cars following the collision, and they were taken to the Ulster Hospital.

The road was closed between Main Street and the Ballybryan Road, but it reopened yesterday shortly after 2pm. Local councillors said that although this wasn't known as a dangerous road, it was busy and winding, and heavy rain overnight had made conditions difficult.

Alliance councillor Kellie Armstrong said: "The weather conditions did not really help as it was dry and then wet. There is quite a lot of agricultural land in the area so the roads in that area would be quite greasy.

"It is quite a windy road and it's difficult to go fast on it so it's not well-known as dangerous. It's just unfortunate that this has happened and my thoughts are with anyone who was injured."

SDLP councillor Joe Boyle said: "It's not a road that's notorious for accidents or black spots and this is sadly just something that happened."

UUP councillor Angus Carson added: "This is a very busy road and the weather conditions were not great at the time."

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