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Two men arrested in connection with death of Coleraine man in Magaluf



Aaron Henderson with his partner Danielle Baxter

Aaron Henderson with his partner Danielle Baxter

Aaron Henderson with his partner Danielle Baxter

Police in Magaluf have confirmed they have arrested two people including a British man over the death of tourist Aaron Henderson.

They say the Brit, aged 35, is suspected of killing Aaron and a 37-year-old Spaniard held with him is suspected of trying to cover up the crime.

The unnamed British man was held on Tuesday afternoon at the bar he works at in Magaluf.

The second man, a manager at the same unidentified bar, was held on Wednesday morning.

It emerged on Wednesday a British man had been held over the death of Aaron, who lost his fight for life in hospital on May 1 after suffering head injures in a street attack on April 27.

He was initially thought to be a club doorman in Magaluf, although investigators confirmed later he  performed managerial functions at the nightspot which could include being on the door.

Aaron, from Coleraine, Co Londonderry, was attacked in the early hours of April 27 at the end of Punta Ballena Street.

Investigators from Majorca’s Civil Guard force were said to have spoken to a witness who told them he saw Aaron being pushed to the ground and then kicked in the head in the notorious party resort.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard said in a statement released on Wednesday: “The Civil Guard has arrested a British man aged 35 as the author of a crime of homicide.

“They have also arrested a Spanish man aged 37 on suspicion of concealing the crime.

“In the early hours of April 27, a tourist was assaulted in Magaluf.

“As a result of the beating he received he had to be transferred to Son Espases Hospital in Palma and died in the hospital on May 1.

“Civil Guard officers launched an investigation to determine what had happened.

“After interviewing several people who said they had witnessed the incident, carrying out other inquiries and receiving the results of the autopsy, they determined it could be a homicide and not an accident.

“Investigators managed to identify the possible author as a result of the inquiries and arrested him on Tuesday afternoon at the bar in Magaluf where he works as a manager.

“On Wednesday morning the Civil Guard arrested another man who also works as a manager at the same premises on suspicion of concealment.

Both suspects are expected to appear before a judge in a closed court hearing in the next 24 hours. The judge will decide whether to remand them or release them in custody as part of an ongoing criminal probe.

Shopkeeper’s son Aaron was on holiday with his girlfriend Danielle Baxter. It is understood he decided to carry on partying the night of the attack after she decided to go back to their holiday accommodation early.

She posted an emotional tribute on social media after his death, saying: “I love you Aaron 'Hendy' Henderson always and forever, you've made me the happiest I've ever been in my entire life.”

Aaron’s dad Paul revealed overnight their family had decided to donate his organs so his death “wouldn’t be in vain.”

He told a local newspaper in Belfast: “Aaron had been standing outside a bar in Magaluf when someone ran over and punched him and ran off.

“A man and a woman saw what happened and they phoned an ambulance and stayed with him until he was taken to hospital.

"He had a small bleed on the side of his skull and was rushed into the operating theatre. When we arrived in hospital he was in intensive care and was coming round.”

Recalling how his son had squeezed his hand and said ‘Daddy’ before he suffered a fatal bleed to the brain, he said: “We sat that night in the hotel room and talked about what we should do and came to the decision to donate his organs.

"It was a hard decision to make, but it gives us some comfort as we know he is still out there, and someone is happy. At least we know he didn't die in vain."

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