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Two men rescued after boat sank

By Brett Campbell

Two men are "lucky to be alive" after their dredging vessel sank in Lough Neagh.

The coastguard received a distress call from the vessel shortly after 10am yesterday after it started taking on water and sinking south of Skady Tower.

The two men were pulled from the water by two fishermen while a sand barge crew let off flares to help two rescue boats earmark the location to allow the men to be taken to Ballyronan Marina.

"Any person would do it," the two rescuers said.

John James Quinn described how they were "able to get a rope under his arms to hold him to the side of the boat" until help arrived.

Brothers John James and Michael Paul Quinn had attended a life saving course just two weeks ago, which helped them when they noticed one of the stricken men's life-jacket was slipping off.

A local coastguard said he believes the men were in the water for some time and are "very lucky to be alive".

Both casualties, one of whom suffered hypothermia, were transferred to Antrim Area Hospital. They have since been discharged.

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