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Two new neighbourhood watch schemes for Belvoir

The PSNI and the Castlereagh Community Safety Partnership have set up two new Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in the Belvoir estate.

Neighbourhood Policing Team Constable Jonny Dunne said the schemes are vital to crime prevention.

“As the local neighbourhood officer for Belvoir, it’s a privilege to work with the Belvoir community, and to have been associated in the implementation of the two neighbourhood watch schemes in the Belvoir area.

“These schemes build upon the ethos of policing with the community and enhances our ability to provide a personal, professional and protective police service, one that this community deserves,” said the officer.

"Every month a news sheet is provided for all households in the schemes, providing appropriate information to local communities about crime and related activity in their area along with practical advice.

"Constable Dunne said the new schemes will help enhance the area at every level.

“Through these partnerships we are helping in making Castlereagh a safer place to reside and work, by making a positive contribution in reducing crime and the fear of crime as well as ant- social behaviour and I would encourage anyone thinking about forming a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the Castlereagh area to come forward.”

Stephen Addley, manager of Castlereagh Community Safety Partnership said: “Neighbourhood Watch is a partnership between the police and local communities supported by Castlereagh Community Safety Partnership and Castlereagh District Policing Partnership. Its aim is to help people protect themselves and their property, and to reduce the fear of crime.”

Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Brian Dunwoody said: “Neighbourhood Watch raises awareness among residents about suspicious activity or vehicles and bogus callers. It is also a visual deterrent to criminals.

“Those living in a scheme area such as Drumart South or Archdale Drive Eastreceive monthly bulletins from the PSNI Neighbourhood Team through the local scheme co-ordinators.”

Chairperson of Castlereagh District Policing Partnership Cecil Hall backed the schemes.

“We have 22 schemes in the Castlereagh Borough and I would encourage the wider community to consider becoming involved in such schemes,” said Mr Hall.

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