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Two years on, new Northern Ireland homes still unpainted

The house at Blackrock in Mallusk which are at the centre of the row
The house at Blackrock in Mallusk which are at the centre of the row

By Cate McCurry

Up to 30 home owners could be forced to paint the outside walls of their properties after the developer went bust.

Angry residents of Blackrock in Mallusk say they have been left with unfinished homes for almost two years.

The former developer, O'Kane and Devine Construction Ltd, went into receivership last year and has been taken over by Fyth Homes.

Despite repeated requests for the work to be completed, residents now fear they will have to pay out of their own pockets.

Garden railings, driveways and communal green areas also remain incomplete in parts of the development.

Many of the residents, who paid in excess of £130,000 for their homes, have lived in the area for almost two years.

Fyth Homes is currently building other houses and apartments in Blackrock as part of another phase.

The homeowners could be forced to pay up to £900 to paint the rendered walls.

One of the residents, David (who asked for his surname not to be published) said: "It seems that if we want it finished we will have to do it ourselves, and that's a route most people are thinking about.

"We were told over the last 18 months that there was a work schedule and when certain houses would be painted and in what phase.

"But from what I understand, Fyth is not taking responsibility for the homes and the other developer has gone into receivership, so they won't paint them.

"It's sickening when you look out of your home, where we have lived for two years, and see other houses being built and finished before ours.

"We have hounded them (the developers) to do things inside the home, and they never made an effort to do anything about it.

"It's a lovely area to live, so it's disappointing to see that it's not being finished."

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, said it was "frustrating".

"We have contacted our solicitor to see if there is anything in the paper work which says the paint on the outside of the house would be completed," he said.

"The builders are completing other houses in the area while dozens are incomplete for over 18 months."

Fyth Homes failed to respond to a request for comment.

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