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Tyrone man accused of calling girl (15) to arrange hotel meeting for sex

By Staff Reporter

A 32-year-old man has gone on trial for charges concerning the alleged incitement of a child to engage in sexual activity, during a phone call in which a suggestion was made to meet up at a hotel.

The victim, who was 15 at the time, claimed the accused called himself Polish Michal and rejected any suggestion she misheard him due to a "non-local accent".

Michal Paraszkiewicz of O'Neill Park, Cookstown denies both charges against him at Dungannon Crown Court yesterday.

It is alleged that on August 15, 2015 he intentionally incited a female child to engage in sexual activity, and sought to meet her for sexual activity.

The jury was played video-footage of the victim's interview with police, before she was cross-examined by defence counsel.

The victim recalled being in bed but awake when she received a call at around 1.30am on her mobile phone.

The caller identified himself as "Polish Michal" - someone the victim had never heard of before.

She claims he said, "You don't know me, but I know you", before making a sexually suggestive inquiry.

The victim continued, "He asked me to meet him at (a hotel) in 15 minutes. He would wear something nice and I would wear something nice.

"He said, 'We meet. I'll be there.' I told him I wouldn't be going to a hotel. I'm not that kind of person."

It is alleged Paraszkiewicz then provided the victim with his name and address.

The victim said: "I got really creeped out, to the point I was shaking", adding she then muted the phone, went into her mother's bedroom and explained what happened.

Her mother took the phone, put it on speaker and pretended to be her daughter.

Paraszkiewicz allegedly went through a similar conversation, and the mother said, "You do realise I'm only 15?"

The response to this was, "I don't care - just come alone."

The mother hung up and said "This is a matter for police."

She instructed the victim to block Paraszkiewicz's number. On doing so, her phone began to ring from a land-line, but was not answered.

Defence counsel Andrew Moriarty asked "You say my client used the phrase, 'I don't care, just come alone.' Could that perhaps have been, 'I don't care, just come along' given the difficulties with English? Because he believed he was talking to an adult woman."

The victim rejected this assertion.

The defence argued the phone records show calls from Paraszkiewicz of very short durations - some just a matter of seconds.

Mr Moriarty challenged, given the short timings, how the exchanges as described by the victim, could have taken place.

It was also put to the victim the phone logs showed the call of the longest duration was made from her phone to Paraszkiewicz.

The victim responded, "No I did not ring him. Why would I? That doesn't make sense."

Mr Moriarty continued: "I agree. Why ring up someone who is looking sex from you? I agree, it doesn't make sense.

"There is a lot which doesn't make sense."

The victim remained adamant she had not contacted Paraszkiewicz at any time.

The trial continues.

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