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Tyrone man accused of one-punch killing will face a retrial, court told


Killing accused: Mark Donnelly

Killing accused: Mark Donnelly

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Co Monaghan teenger Jason McGovern was fatally injured

Co Monaghan teenger Jason McGovern was fatally injured

Killing accused: Mark Donnelly

A 22-year-old man accused of the one-punch unlawful killing of teenager Jason McGovern will face a retrial.

Mark Donnelly from Greencastle, Co Tyrone, was back in Dungannon Crown Court yesterday to hear prosecution lawyer Simon Reid say his instructions were to proceed with a second trial. Mr Reid told Judge Stephen Fowler QC that he had taken instruction from the Director of Public Prosecution and "there will be a retrial".

Defence lawyer Sean Doran said he had consulted with his senior QC Adrian Colton, and given the "intensive" media coverage, they asked for a reasonable time to elapse before the case goes to court again.

Judge Fowler, who said it was a matter of balance between that and having the case dealt with reasonably expediently, agreed to postpone the retrial until early in the New Year, possibly by the end of February.

On Thursday the jury told the court they could not agree on either a unanimous, or majority verdict on the manslaughter charge.

Donnelly has denied being the man who threw the punch which ultimately led to the death of the teenager from Co Monaghan on New Year's Eve in 2012.

Mr McGovern was found dead in the Co Monaghan home of a friend hours after an attack in an Omagh pub car park. A post mortem revealed he had suffered a fractured skull.

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