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Tyrone man is denied bail in 'brutal' domestic abuse case


'The child and the other occupants of the house were threatened against phoning police, leaving them terrified' (stock photo)

'The child and the other occupants of the house were threatened against phoning police, leaving them terrified' (stock photo)

'The child and the other occupants of the house were threatened against phoning police, leaving them terrified' (stock photo)

A "depraved and brutal" man from Co Tyrone has been refused bail after an alleged incident in which he tried to strangle his sister, punched her in the face, breaking her nose, and struck her with a hammer.

The court heard the scene was witnessed by a younger sister who having been woken by the disturbance, was chased back to her bedroom whilst the door was smashed with a hatchet in an effort to get to her.

The child and the other occupants of the house were threatened against phoning police, leaving them terrified.

The distressing details were revealed during a bail application at Dungannon Magistrates Court for Adam Gordon Frizelle (26) of Hillcrest Park, Moygashel.

Opposing bail, a detective constable stated the incident allegedly occurred on July 10 in the family home, although the victims were too afraid to contact police until the next day.

This was following a chilling threat by Frizelle that he would "take into them with a crossbow" if police were called.

One of the main victims in the case - Frizelle's sister - explained she had been at her own home when he started phoning her repeatedly.

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Their grandfather was in the house and she did not want him disturbed by Frizelle's behaviour, so she told him to stay away.

Despite this Frizelle arrived at her home in a car accompanied by another male. Noting his intoxicated and highly agitated state, the victim agreed to travel in the car back to the family home in Moygashel, where Frizelle lives with his mother and two other sisters, one of whom is a young child and was upstairs asleep in bed.

The atmosphere was very tense, and worsened after Frizelle received a text message from his ex-girlfriend.

He immediately began smashing up crockery and other items, with the disturbance waking the sleeping child upstairs.

The victim told Frizelle to calm down but he grabbed her by the hair, flung her to the floor and punched her in the face.

This blow broke the victim's nose which was bleeding profusely.

The younger child was distressed by the scene and Frizelle made a grab for her. She fled upstairs with the defendant chasing her shouting and swearing. The terrified child managed to get to her bedroom and lock the door.

However, Frizelle retrieved a hatchet from his own bedroom and proceeded to smash at the child's door, intent on getting in.

The victim tried to prevent Frizelle getting into the room but he grabbed her by the throat, and choked her.

This occurred three times during which the victim had to fight for breath and almost passed out. He then struck her on the head with a hammer.

Another person in the house shouted to get police but Frizelle said he would "take to them with a machete and a crossbow".

The family were petrified of this threat and waited until the following day to contact police.

On being arrested, Frizelle was "aggressive and abusive", shouting and threatening police. Two female officers were assaulted when he was taken to custody, where he refused to enter a cell.

He shouted: "When I get out I will get a gun and kill you all."

After being cautioned for assaulting police Frizelle replied: "See next time, I'm going to assault them properly."

In relation to the main matters, officers told Frizelle they had recovered numerous weapons from his bedroom including a crossbow, hatchet, machete and daggers.

Whilst denying all allegations of the previous night, he admitted owning the weapons, stating he "enjoyed" them.

At one stage in the police interview Frizelle stood up and banged the table, putting officers in fear, and leading to the panic alarm being activated.

Having outlined the details to the court, the police officer said bail was strongly opposed.

A defence barrister accepted the application for bail was difficult, but argued Frizelle could be released with strict terms.

Flatly rejecting bail, District Judge John Meehan remarked: "This is one of the highest level of domestic violence cases this court has seen. It was absolutely depraved, brutal behaviour."

The application was thrown out and Frizelle is to appear again by videolink next month.

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