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Tyrone man terrorised sisters in 'depraved' hatchet and hammer assault

By Staff Reporter

A Co Tyrone man has been jailed by a judge for "one of the most depraved and protracted attacks on women I have encountered".

Adam Gordon Frizelle of Hillcrest Park, Moygashel, had pursued one sister, a child, with a hatchet and smashed another on the head with a hammer.

He was described as having a predilection for attacking women and putting them in terror during "a depraved, savage, prolonged attack".

The 28-year-old has been in custody since his arrest for offences at his home on July 10 and 12.

Dungannon Magistrates Court heard one sister was in bed asleep when she was awoken by a disturbance around 11.30pm.

On coming downstairs, she discovered Frizelle had grabbed their adult sister by the hair and flung her around the kitchen.

Their mother intervened, but was punched in the face. Frizelle then turned on the child whom he chased upstairs in a rage.

She locked herself in her bedroom, but Frizelle, now brandishing a hatchet, smashed at the door in an effort to get to her.

The adult sister attempted to intervene but Frizelle grabbed her by the throat three times, causing her to fight for breath.

He then retrieved a hammer from his bedroom and struck his sister on the head.

When she said she was calling police, Frizelle warned he would "take to them with a machete and crossbow" if she did.

Such was the terror of the victims, the incident was not reported to police until two days later.

When arrested, Frizelle - currently serving a 16-month prison sentence for punching his partner's female cousin in the face - was "aggressive and abusive" to officers.

In custody, a female officer was assaulted after he refused to enter a cell.

All allegations were initially denied. The charges were only admitted on the day a contest was to be heard.

District Judge John Meehan said: "This was a depraved, savage attack and he has a predilection for attacking women."

Handing down a combined total of 14 months' imprisonment, Judge Meehan told Frizelle: "You have a propensity for attacking women. The amount of terror you presented to your victims is appalling.

"This is one of the most depraved and protracted attacks on women I have encountered."

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