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Tyrone woman jailed for naked walk

A County Tryone woman who walked naked along a busy road has been jailed.

Katrina Cattermole, 27, of Culmore Park was arrested by police officers after she was seen strolling along Kelvin Road, Omagh, with her clothes under her arm.

The unfazed exhibitionist, who was drunk, told officers that she was “just coming from having a pee in the bushes”.

Cattermole, who was serving a suspended sentence for drugs possession, was jailed for seven months when she appeared at Omagh Magistrates' Court last week.

In March, Cattermole had appeared before the same court to plead guilty to drug possession and indecent behaviour.

Since then she has again been charged with drugs possession and has failed to meet her probation order requirements.

A solicitor for Cattermole said that she was drunk when arrested naked last October.

He added that his client was embarrassed by her behaviour.

“For some years she has had an inability to cope with authority which stems from childhood and this explains various offences and resisting police,” said the solicitor.

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