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UFO secret British dossier reveals sightings over Ulster

Reports of UFO activity over Northern Ireland have been unearthed in secret papers from the Ministry of Defence.

Two suspected UFOs have been spotted hovering over the province during the past decade, according to the dossier.

A ball of white light and a mystery aircraft in Co Fermanagh were both investigated.

The information, held by the National Archives in London, was made public as part of the biggest ever release of Government UFO documents.

Thirty-five files detailing unexplained phenomena between 2000 and 2005 have been made available online.

An ‘alien abduction’ in England, a cigar-shaped UFO and an unidentified ship seen by the Royal Navy are just some of the events reported.

Closer to home, however, local documents show that Northern Ireland has had its fair share of mysterious activity.

Police were called after the first UFO sighting in February 2001, when a member of the public spotted “an aircraft, trailing smoke, crashing onto Benaughlin Mountain near Kinawley”.

The Co Fermanagh report was recorded by flying saucer chasers from UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland (UFOPRI), who sagely concluded that the event was “a mystery”.

A response from the Ministry of Defence confirmed that there were “no military accidents anywhere in the UK” on that date, and no evidence to suggest an unauthorised aircraft.

The second was spotted by a pilot flying over Cherryvalley in east Belfast, who passed the details on to air traffic controllers at Belfast International Airport.

He reported seeing a “large white light, circular” object “moving at high speed with no sound” and travelling south west at around 3am on August 28.

There were no witnesses and no other evidence on file to explain what the pilot might have seen.

But Carl Nally of UFOPRI said the new dossier only reveals a fraction of the truth about UFOs.

“The phenomenon is real — there’s no doubt about it — and it’s just a matter of time before the full details come out.”


This isn’t the first time unexplained activity has been spotted in Northern Ireland. In May 2007 Clifford Rossbottom from Bangor reported orange lights in the night sky near Belfast International Airport. Later that year Ministry of Defence log books revealed 11 UFO sightings, from bright lights to dome-shaped objects, made here since 1997.

Recent sightings are a hit online

Jerusalem 2011
Recent footage of a UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has received millions of hits on video-sharing website YouTube. A glowing object is seen above the 2,500 year old holy site before it rapidly shoots up into the sky and disappears.

Sydney, Australia 2011
Veteran UFO hunter Laszlo Novak captured this footage in Australia.

Denver, Colorado 2011
Two 'balls of light' speed through the night sky.

Yosemite Park, California, USA (2002)
A bright light can be seen travels through the sky.

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