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UK braces for rain, wind and floods

Heavy downpours are set to hit Britain, forecasters have warned.

Severe weather alerts have been issued for parts of Northern Ireland, south west and southern England, Wales and Scotland as "persistent and heavy" rain brings the risk of localised flooding.

Areas of higher ground in Northern Ireland, south west England and Wales could see up to 70mm (2.8in) fall over tomorrow and Friday, the Met Office said.

The average total rainfall for the UK over the whole of November is 120mm (4.7in).

Meteorologists said people should be aware of the risk of localised flooding in the areas covered by warnings, which are in effect over different periods until the weekend.

The downpours could also be accompanied by "strong and gusty" winds, the Met Office said.

A yellow "be aware" warning for the south-west in place until this morning said: "The rainfall is likely to cause some minor flooding from either surface water or from rivers."

Most parts of the country are expected to see some rain over the coming days.

Met Office forecaster Nicki Willis said: "We are looking at unsettled weather over the next few days.

"Most places throughout the next couple of days will see some rain at some time."

The Met Office said earlier this week that its latest three-month outlook suggests that there is an increased risk of milder and wetter than average conditions for November, December and January.


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