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UK business set to create 250 new jobs at contact centre in Belfast

A UK business services company is creating 250 new jobs in Northern Ireland.

Intelling Ltd, whose customers include TalkTalk and 02, is setting up a contact centre in Belfast and will be hiring over the next three years.

The new posts will have an average salary of £16,000.

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell said: "Intelling is an ambitious young company and I welcome its decision to choose Northern Ireland as the location for its expansion.

"This investment is positive news for our economy. It creates much needed jobs that offer flexible employment and the opportunity to develop transferable skills."

Some 45 management, supervisory and sales positions have already been filled.

Invest Northern Ireland has contributed more than £90,000 in two grants to help with the jobs creation.

Phil Morgan, CEO of Intelling Ltd, said: " Our new Belfast centre gives us access to a new talent pool and we plan to invest over £800,000 in skills, including management and leadership development, so that we have the capability required to take advantage of new opportunities.

"The availability of talent here and cost competitive environment, along with Invest NI support, made Northern Ireland the best choice for Intelling over alternative locations.

"We are delighted with how recruitment is progressing to date and aim to have 250 staff in place by 2018."


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