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UK divided over how much workers are saving for retirement

Workers in Plymouth, Newcastle and Manchester are the most confident that they are saving enough to enjoy a comfortable retirement, according to a survey.

Some 46% of workers in Plymouth, 44% in Newcastle and 43% in Manchester feel their pension savings will be sufficient when they retire, a survey of people across 17 cities by the Prudential found.

At the other end of the spectrum, just over one in five (21%) of workers surveyed in Belfast are confident they will have enough saved for their retirement, as are one in four (25%) people in Cardiff.

Across the survey, just over one in three (36%) city workers are confident of being able to retire with a comfortable income.

On average, people living in a city estimate they will need an annual retirement income of £21,100 to feel comfortable, ranging from £26,400 for those in London to £17,900 for savers in Belfast.

Vince Smith-Hughes, a retirement income expert at Prudential, said: "While it is reassuring to see people being realistic about the money they'll need to live on when they give up work, it is also worrying how many of them fear they haven't saved enough to be comfortable."

More than 2,200 people took part in the survey.

Here are the percentages of workers in cities across the UK who are confident they are saving enough for a comfortable retirement, according to Prudential:

:: Belfast, 21%

:: Birmingham, 30%

:: Brighton, 34%

:: Bristol, 30%

:: Cardiff, 25%

:: Edinburgh, 36%

:: Glasgow, 39%

:: Leeds, 36%

:: Liverpool, 41%

:: London, 35%

:: Manchester, 43%

:: Newcastle, 44%

:: Norwich, 32%

:: Nottingham, 29%

:: Plymouth, 46%

:: Sheffield, 36%

:: Southampton, 42%

A spokesman for the Department of Work and Pensions said: "We want all people across the UK to be saving for their retirement, which is why anyone earning over £10,000 a year is automatically enrolled into a workplace pension and will benefit from employer contributions."

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