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Ukip donor issues referendum call

A Ukip donor has called for an English referendum on ejecting Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom.

Property investor Andrew Perloff, chairman of Hertfordshire-based real estate firm Panther Securities, said Scotland's rejection of independence came as no surprise given that UK taxpayers "contribute £1,600 per year per person... to these malcontents".

Under the heading "chairman's ramblings" in Panther Securities' interim results, Mr Perloff said: "We have just had the result of the Scottish referendum which appears as a resounding Yes to the union 55% in favour to 45% against.

"I do not know why the result would have been in doubt.

"Why would any faction of a social club resign when all the other members contribute £1,600 per year per person to their particular faction and have been further browbeaten to offer further incentives to these malcontents?

"Perhaps now the English can have a referendum as to whether we wish to keep the Scots in and whilst we are at it, the Irish and Welsh as well! Why should the Scots have a one- way bet?"

Panther Securities, which recorded pre-tax profits of £3,235,000 in the six months to June, has donated £17,500 to Ukip.

The interim report states: "At our Annual General Meeting held on 18 June 2014, the resolution I submitted to donate £17,500 to the UK Independence Party was hotly debated. The voting went to a poll resulting in the resolution being passed."

Meanwhile, financial giant JP Morgan has reported that the "political uncertainties" surrounding the independence referendum have receded following the No vote, but that further uncertainties remain.

The final results for JPMorgan Mid Cap Investment Trust state: "While political uncertainties will increase ahead of the general election next May, the clear majority in the Scottish referendum in favour of maintaining the Union removed a significant uncertainty for investors.

"However, the ultimate political and economic consequences for all members of the UK may take some time to emerge."


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