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Ukip launches N Ireland manifesto

Northern Ireland could have a Ukip secretary of state in five years, the party has claimed as it launched its manifesto for the region.

The party's Northern Ireland leader David McNarry made the prediction as he expressed confidence of a Ukip government at Westminster after the next general election in 2020.

"We will appoint a shadow secretary of state - in 2020 we expect Northern Ireland will be served by a Ukip full time secretary of state," he said.

"Unlike other parties, Ukip are not preparing for a coalition, not touting ourselves as wannabe kingmakers.

"Ukip are reshaping the political landscape to form a government in 2020."

He added: "Ukip will not allow Northern Ireland to be treated as some kind of regional side kick at Westminster.

"No other party standing in Northern Ireland is as Ukip are today - launching a national party manifesto for Northern Ireland only."

Ukip is standing 10 candidates in Northern Ireland.

The manifesto launch at Stormont in Belfast was not without its hiccups. Afterwards it emerged the party may have contravened Assembly rules in regard to use of the building for election campaigning.

An Assembly spokeswoman said: "The use of Parliament Buildings as a venue for election purposes is not permitted under the Use of Assembly Resources During the 2015 General Election guidelines which were issued to all political parties and individual MLAs on 2 April 2015.

"The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission is aware that the guidelines may have been breached and is currently reviewing the matter."

Mr McNarry said he was not aware that using the building contravened the rules.

"Ukip were unaware of breaching the protocols," he said.

"The chief executive (of the Assembly) has been in contact with me and will be writing a letter to me which I will deal with on receipt."


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