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Ukip's Nigel Farage: Northern Ireland peace process was a loathsome surrender to murderers

Ukip leader Nigel Farage once said the Northern Ireland peace process was built upon an “utterly and entirely loathsome” surrender to terrorists which saw the release of hundreds of prisoners, a newly released video reveals.

Mr Farage slammed the decision of the late Rev Ian Paisley to enter government with Sinn Féin, in footage believed to date from 2007.

Former DUP chief Dr Paisley, who died last year, entered into government with Sinn Féin in 2007.

Mr Farage’s comments came to light in a YouTube video just days after he claimed to run the only political party that speaks for all parts of the UK, as he has elected representatives in Northern Ireland and in England, Scotland and Wales.

In the video, Mr Farage said: “I find the whole peace process, so called, in Northern Ireland loathsome. Utterly and entirely loathsome. I think to have released back into the community over 400 convicted murderers some of whom served sentences short as 18 months.

“That is not what I call a peace process. That is what I call surrender to the wrong ’uns, you know both from the Protestant and the Catholic side, and so I am sickened by the whole thing.

" I am very surprised that Paisley has been prepared to go into government with Sinn Féin/IRA. I really am very very surprised by that.”

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