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Ulster Bank to keep branches open longer

Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank is to maintain extended opening hours at a number of branches for the rest of the week as it battles to bring a final end to its frozen cash crisis.

As the unprecedented widespread problems run into a fifth week, the bank said all its services should begin to return to normal from today.

However, bosses have admitted some problems still remain in the wake of the computer meltdown, which left thousands of customer transactions frozen.

An updated statement posted by Ulster Bank yesterday said: “The majority of our systems are now showing account balances as of today. However, some items, such as cheques, manual lodgements and some payments have yet to be processed and therefore will not be reflected in account balances.”

A technical glitch in the Edinburgh headquarters of the parent Royal Bank of Scotland — which has still to be fully explained — left thousands of customers unable to access their cash since June 19. Hundreds of staff have also been working overtime to key in transactions which have had to be written out manually into the computer system.

The bank said it is making efforts to reimburse customers who faced charges during the crisis and it has also promised to carry out a full independent inquiry.

As the bank’s latest ‘deadline’ arrived, it was confirmed 42 branches will open until 6pm this week — an hour-and-a-half later than normal.

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