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Ulster beach closed after swarm of giant jellyfish spotted near Lough Foyle

A lion’s mane jellyfish. (SNH/PA)
A lion’s mane jellyfish. (SNH/PA)

A popular Co Donegal beach was forced to close for two hours on Sunday after a swarm of giant jellyfish were spotted near the shore.

The Irish News has reported Shroove beach in Inishowen was closed using red flags after Lion's Mane jellyfish were washed in on a tide near the mouth of Lough Foyle.

A Donegal County Council spokeswoman said the beach was closed due to the proximity of the jellyfish to swimmers and reopened when they were washed back out by the tide.

“We would like to reassure the public that the beach is safe for bathing,” she said.

The Lion's Mane jellyfish is the largest known species of jellyfish with the ability to grow over 6ft 7in.

Although their stings are not known to be fatal, most encounters with a Lion's Mane result in temporary pain and localised redness.

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