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Ulster man rescued after canoe capsizes

A man was rescued after his canoe capsized off the Co Down coast this morning.

Lifeboats were launched after the man, in his early 50s, became exhausted trying to get back into his craft close to Donaghadee.

The emergency services were called by a colleague who was also in a canoe. Both men were wearing lifejackets.

Louis McGookin, watch manager at Belfast Coastguard, said: "It was clear that the man in the water was absolutely exhausted and simply was unable to get back into his craft.

"Sea temperatures are at around 8C at present and hypothermia is an ever present danger in prolonged immersion.

"Fortunately they were able to contact the coastguard and using our knowledge of the tides in the area we were able to pinpoint his location."

Both men were given a medical check when they arrived back on shore and neither required treatment.

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