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Ulster Orchestra hoping to break down class barriers to classical music

By Noel McAdam

The Ulster Orchestra is planning a symphony of projects to help break down class barriers to classical music.

As an Assembly investigation into working-class 'exclusion' from the arts continues, the UO envisages 'composing' at least five or six education and outreach projects.

And the crescendo could be more popular concerts, including film scores, Irish and Walt Disney favourites.

It may also orchestrate a 'Strictly Come Dancing' style performance of dance collaborations.

A formal submission to the Assembly committee which monitors the culture and arts department argues a number of factors affect the accessibility of the Ulster Orchestra to working class communities, including a lack of general community interest in classical and orchestral music and money - not just tickets but transport and other costs.

But their response also said: "On an artistic level we are tapping into potential and talent in working-class communities and increasing chances of individuals in these communities choosing music as an educational pathway."

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