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Ulster SFC Final: Country right behind Fermanagh as county goes for Ulster glory

Pauleen and Jodie Taggart from Ederney will be cheering on Fermanagh
Pauleen and Jodie Taggart from Ederney will be cheering on Fermanagh
Derrylin’s Bronagh Martin
Lisa McHugh
Nathan Carter

By Gerald Lennon

Fermanagh is in the grip of GAA Ulster Final fever - and the county is being backed by a famous adopted son.

Thousands of supporters will make the short trip to Clones for the showdown with Donegal tomorrow.

It's the Erne County's sixth appearance in the decider and their first since 2008. They will be determined at last to get their hands on the Anglo-Celt Cup for the first time.

Fermanagh are one of only two counties in Ireland never to have won a provincial title. The other is Wicklow in Leinster.

Country star Nathan Carter moved to Enniskillen six years ago and is right behind the Ernemen.

"The team coming this far is a huge achievement and as I walk through Enniskillen it's all that anyone is talking about," he said.

The Liverpool native won't be able to attend tomorrow's final in Clones, but he hopes to be back in time for the celebrations or commiserations, depending on the outcome of the game.

Due to Nathan's busy music schedule he has only managed to attend one of Fermanagh's matches.

He added: "You can see all the flags through the small towns nearby so it's really good news for the county.

"Good luck to all the players, hopefully it's a sign of good things to come."

He is so confident that Fermanagh will be victorious that he has put a £20 bet on them lifting the Anglo-Celt.

Fellow country singer and Enniskillen resident Lisa McHugh has also voiced her support for the team.

Donegal have been in six of the last seven Ulster finals, managing to win three.

The two-time All-Ireland holders last won Ulster in 2014.

Popular country singer Derek Ryan told the Belfast Telegraph he was torn between the two teams.

The Carlow-born entertainer has an apartment in Enniskillen and says he will be cheering on Fermanagh - but he also spends a great deal of his time in Donegal.

Whoever triumphs in the big match, Derek will have something to celebrate.

Around 28,000 football supporters are expected at St Tiernach's Park in the Co Monaghan town tomorrow afternoon for the final.

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