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Ulster tooth fairy is most generous

By Claire McNeilly

Right kids, it's time to get wiggling those loose pearly whites - because Northern Ireland has the most generous tooth fairy.

Each year in the UK almost £20m is left under the pillows of sleeping children by the much-loved tooth fairy, with an average of £1.32 paid out in exchange for a single tooth.

By the time children have lost all 20 milk teeth they would have received an average of £26.40 in pocket money, according to a report by The Magic Door Store.

The top-paying city is Belfast, where kids can expect to get £1.76.

That's higher than Newcastle (£1.43), Edinburgh (£1.43), Cambridge (£1.36) and Manchester (£1.34). Children also benefit from a bigger payout if dad lets the fairy in - he generally negotiates a £1.50 fee compared to just £1 if it's up to mum.

Sarah Tollit, founder and CEO of The Magic Door Store, which surveyed 1,000 parents with children aged five to 14, said the results were interesting.

"My own children receive a shiny £1 coin per tooth, but based on our findings it might be time for a fairy pay rise," she said.

"Children have amazing imaginations, so it's important to keep the tooth fairy fun going for as long as possible. This is the first year we have carried out this research, and we plan to reveal the increase (or decrease) in the amount the fairy leaves behind at the same time each year."

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