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Ulster's biggest fry?: Could you take on this monster meal?


The Ulster Fry has never been harder to stomach – could you take on the Goliath XXL's 34 pieces in a single sitting?

So far 18 fry fans have tried and failed to finish the feast served up at The Newton Cafe in east Belfast.

The £9 food challenge certainly isn't for the faint-hearted – nor indeed the merely peckish.

It consists of a gut-busting four sausages, four rashers of bacon, four eggs, four potato bread, three pancakes, three rounds of soda bread, another three of toast, two hash browns, two black puddings, two tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and chips.

All washed down with tea or coffee.

If the waist-expanding plate can be cleared in 45 minutes, £5 is knocked off the bill and, of course, you get an immeasurable sense of achievement.

"No cheating and no sharing," is the only rule. Items can be swapped within reason for personal taste.

Owner David Gough (31) says those brave enough to tuck in have been using tactics to wolf down the feed.

"We've had lads in here doing stretches to try and make more room," he said. "One of them was refusing to drink anything at the same time so as to not fill himself up."

"They all stumble on the same thing – it's the bread. It's an absolute filler.

"I really don't think anyone can finish this meal, no matter how much they want to.

"I would love for someone to finish it.

"They've been coming from all over – not one of the entries has been a regular customer.

"People just love a challenge – and once you rise them to it, they literally feel compelled to step up to the plate."

The local delicacy is becoming one of the most popular attractions on the Newtownards Road.

"It's been choc-a-bloc with customers coming down. Everyone has their own view on what a fry should be and I think that's why people have been loving this challenge," said David.

"We've had one woman and the rest men. But like I said, no one has beat the fry yet."

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