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Umbrellas at the ready as Bank Holiday weekend is going to be cold and wet

Easter weather (PA Graphics)
Easter weather (PA Graphics)
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

Anyone hoping to put on their Easter bonnet and go on parade would do well to carry an umbrella and take their big coat too as temperatures across Northern Ireland will be well below average this weekend.

The Met Office report that while today will begin with a mixture of sunny spells it won't be too long before Co Down, Armagh and even parts of Antrim experience occasional showers which will turn wintry on higher ground.

Across all of Northern Ireland temperatures will not get above seven degrees, but even this will feel nearer four degrees so anyone planning outside activities such as the Dockside Festival in Belfast should wrap up warm.

The Met Office predicts Sunday will have the least chance of seeing rain so this is expected to be the best day to get outside although the traditional Easter weekend visit to any of Northern Ireland beaches will only be for the most hardy souls.

The forecast predicts: "Saturday will have bright spells with one or two isolated showers, followed by a chilly night, still with the chance of the odd shower.

"A mostly dry and bright day to come on Sunday with spells of sunshine, then turning breezy and chilly overnight.

"Easter Monday is likely to be cloudy, breezy and cold with a risk of some rain and snow at times."

Snow and sleet are forecast for higher ground across the whole of Northern Ireland. The north west is likely to have the least rain but it will not escape it entirely.

Easter Monday is likely to be cloudy, breezy and cold with a risk of some rain and wet snow at times.

However, while temperatures are below average for this time of year, people in Northern Ireland will be spared the possibility of a "white Easter" that could be hitting some other parts of the UK.

Forecasters are now warning that 10 inches of snow for some places with temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees in the Scottish highlands.

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