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Union chief says he is 'disgusted' over scale of threatened college job losses


Credit: Belfast Metropolitan College

Credit: Belfast Metropolitan College

Credit: Belfast Metropolitan College

Belfast Metropolitan College is facing up to 113 redundancies, a trade union has warned.

Representatives of Unite say they have been told by the college management to expect the axing of up to 113 full-time equivalent posts. That means the number of people being made redundant may be even higher if part-time workers are involved.

Unite spokesman Liam Gallagher said his union was "disgusted" at the scale of the threatened job losses at the college - and feared the quality of education would be undermined if job cuts on this scale were implemented.

The trade union leader pointed the finger of blame at the Stormont Executive for the series of cutbacks.

He said: "Over the past few weeks, not a day has gone by without our union receiving notice of potential redundancies from some school or other.

"The Stormont parties' austerity policies are devastating our schools and colleges - but the trade union movement will not sit idly by as our public education system is dismantled before our eyes."

Belfast Metropolitan College could not be reached for comment.

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