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Union may field candidates in bid to take seats from DUP

By Staff Reporter

The Unite trade union may stand candidates in the event of a general election in a bid to knock two DUP MPs out of Parliament, it has been reported.

It's been claimed the union is planning to run 'workers' candidates' against DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds in North Belfast and Gavin Robinson in East Belfast.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper also reported that the move was being planned in conjunction with Labour as it attempted to break the Commons relationship between the Tories and DUP. "In the election, every seat is going to count," a Labour insider told columnist Dan Hodges. "And if they can knock out some of the DUP MPs it could tip Jeremy over the edge and into Downing Street."

Labour does not permit official party candidates to stand at elections in Northern Ireland.

Unite officials here did not respond to attempts to contact them for comment last night.

Yesterday, Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner told the TUC Congress in Brighton that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was "hell-bent on ditching convention and rewriting the rules, even destroying his own party, in pursuit of his ideological drive to take us out of the European Union on October 31 without a deal".

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