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Unionist councillor defends Britain First appearance at Belfast rally

Jolene Bunting said the group's views should be heard.
Jolene Bunting said the group's views should be heard.
Jolene Bunting

An independent unionist councillor has defended the appearance of members of Britain First at a Belfast anti-terrorism rally.

On Sunday, August 6 a rally has been organised for Belfast City Hall.

It features Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First as well as Paul Rimmer a Banksy who are listed as "British Patriots". Banksy is no relation to the artist of the same name.

Independent unionist councillor Jolene Bunting is also to appear.

"Rally in memory of victims of terrorism," posters advertising the event say, "good standard of behaviour apply."

The SDLP has described the sharing of a platform with controversial far right group Britain First as "shameful".

However, Ms Bunting, a former TUV member, has said it is right the group appear and that it was "not right" they were considered dangerous.

"Britain First have been holding a number of demonstrations in England, Scotland and Wales," she told BBC Talkback.

"I have seen their demonstrations, I've heard them speak and they are very articulate when it comes to international terrorism and I do want their views heard."

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