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Unionist councillor: hand over rebel's gun to Dublin

By Rebecca Black

An Ulster Unionist councillor has backed a Sinn Fein call for the PSNI to hand over a historic pistol to go on display in Dublin.

However, Belfast city councillor Jeffrey Dudgeon says it must first be de-activated.

The gun, held by the PSNI's museum in Belfast, was owned by Irish rebel Roger Casement, who was executed for treason in the wake of the failed uprising in Dublin almost 100 years ago.

Earlier this week Sinn Fein councillor Oliver McMullan hit out at the museum for refusing a request to allow the gun to be displayed in Dublin during the commemoration of the Easter Rising.

The PSNI said the decision was made because the pistol was not deactivated and is therefore held on a firearms certificate.

Now Mr McMullan has found an unlikely ally in the shape of Mr Dudgeon. The UUP man has a keen interest in Casement and wrote a book about him.

He said: "I am sure arrangements could be made to loan the Casement Mauser to Dublin so long as it was deactivated which should have been done long ago."

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