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Unionist mural on the Falls Road attacked for the second time in a week

A new mural of unionist leader Edward Carson on the Falls Road has been attacked with paint and fire.

It is the second time the mural has been attacked since it was first unveiled last week.

The mural, which depicts scenes from the UVF's 1914 gun running as well as an image of Lord Carson, replaced a mural of a former IRA prisoner Kieran Nugent.

Members of the dissident republican group the 32 County Sovereignty Movements held a protest at the mural on Friday who described it as an "insult to the people of the Falls Road" and claimed those behind it had a "revisionist agenda".

However Sinn Fein West Belfast MLA Fra McCann said the protest was “absolute madness”.

He explained that the new mural - which depicts Lord Carson and scenes from the loyalist gunrunning in 1914 at the height of the Home Rule crisis - is a small part of a much bigger mural being created.

Mr McCann said the entire Falls Road side of the wall will be transformed, however many of the former images will be reinstated after a period of time.

The Sinn Fein member also claimed that there have been attempts to intimidate the artists who are creating the new artwork.

He added that the wall is “ever changing” with new images appearing regularly which reflect different Irish and international events and history, and claimed the protesters were “out of touch” with the local community.

“It is concerning that people would do that (protest at the mural), there has been people standing about all week, who in my opinion are trying to intimidate the artists who are trying to reflect republican history in Belfast over the period of 1916,” he said.

“It’s absolute madness, crazy.”

Around 20 people turned out on Friday to protest against the mural.

The mural, which was painted by Danny Devenny, was attacked with paint within hours of appearing last week.

It replaced an image of Kieran Nugent who started the IRA blanket protest in the Maze prison in 1976.

Mr Devenny blasted those who protested at the mural as “a fraud and an insult to not only Kieran Nugent but to every republican in this city”.

The International Wall includes a number of murals, including one honouring former South African President Nelson Mandela and a number from Irish republican groups.

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