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Unionist politician attacked by cow 'lucky to be alive'

Unionist politician George Savage is lucky to be alive after being saved from a near fatal cow attack by his trusty Collie dog Jack.

The 69-year-old Craigavon councillor sustained serious chest and leg injuries two weeks ago when he was charged by a cow at his Donacloney farm.

The former MLA’s wife Joy told Sunday Life her husband is “lucky to be alive.”

“He’s still very sore and is bruised from his ankle to his hip. We’re just so grateful he’s as well as he is as it could have been so much worse,” she said.

George was at the farm with son Kyle tending to a calving cow when another cow charged at him, flinging him several feet up into the air.

That’s when George’s quick-thinking collie Jack intervened, running in the other direction to divert the cow from his master.

Joy said: “The cow started chasing the dog and that gave George time to get away because the cow was getting ready to charge him again.”

Joy said it could take weeks for her husband to recover from his injuries.

“He’s trying to keep mobile and as he’s Deputy Mayor this year, he’ll just have to take it easy for a while,” she said.

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